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Restorative therapies that include: Infrared, FSM, PEMF, Braintap and Detox Foot Bath.

My name is Dr. Skylar Bakko and I was born and raised in Marysville, MI. I went to college at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and graduated Cum Laude in February 2012. The most important things in the world to me are my wife Susana, my family. I am extremely close with my family. I am passionate about my health, playing sports, playing music and any cuisine.

I originally was inspired to be a healing practitioner by my childhood Applied Kinesiologist/Chiropractor. I always feel blessed for having the opportunity to receive regular holistic care starting from a young age. As I grew older, so did my passion for natural health. I’ve experienced so many times that this form of alternative care could not only fix more than just back and neck pain, but it could do so naturally, the way nature intended us to heal. Chiropractic helped me regain my health and strength time and time again, and I wanted to be the one my community sought for their health and strength. I love the art and technique of chiropractic so much that it is actually fun for me. The best feeling in the world, to me, is knowing I helped change someone’s life by restoring their own healing potential.

The ultimate turning point for me was when our family chiropractor saved my mom’s life. She had been experiencing seemingly random symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, poor sleep, digestive problems, muscle pains, hair loss and many others. Our chiropractor detected a potential problem with her thyroid and recommended she get it checked by her doctor. She was first misdiagnosed with having an infection. Our chiropractor urged her to get a second opinion. It was discovered that my mom had thyroid cancer. Thankfully it was discovered early enough, and after a few medical procedures she was cancer-free. It was at that moment in my life I chose to become a natural healer.

I’ve chosen to devote my life to the healing arts because I want to change the world one person at a time by optimizing their health. I am grateful to have been blessed with the knowledge and skill to help people with a combination of my heart and my own two hands. I am also grateful I chose this path because I truly feel I have found my calling. It’s such an emotionally and spiritually rewarding path. It is challenging, ever evolving and a constant learning experience.

I believe with all my heart in the principles of alternative healing: which are 1) we all are born with a divine intelligence, the intelligence to self-regulate and self-heal. 2) The body should be maintained and healed using natural methods as much as possible. 3) Also, when love and skill are combined, expect a masterpiece. I believe in all my heart how I practice and always strive to improve it. I believe I give an excellent service for a fair fee. I truly want to help people. I want you to refer and continue to refer patients to me because I truly love helping people. I work hard, I’m constantly seeking additional education and am dedicated to serving everyone who seeks me for help. My absolute goal with every patient is to purely love and serve them.

The whole purpose of this clinic is to be a beacon of hope for the community in need. Its purpose is to serve its community. Its purpose is to not only maintain health but to give life back to those in need. Beyond our highly successful and unique approach, what seems to make this practice so special is that we genuinely listen to and love each and every one of our patients. My personal promise to you is to always love you, to serve you, to help you and always provide you with kindness and inner healing. If you have friends and family who either need help, are looking to maintain their health or even looking to excel in their performance, I am here to help.

Dr. Skylar Bakko

My name is Dr. Skylar Bakko and I was born and raised in Marysville, MI. I went to college at Pal... Read More

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